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Mist Eliminators

High Efficiency Mist Eliminators Vanaire Mist Eliminator Technology

Many chemistries evolve in mist form, with airborne particle sizes that are large enough to be effectively collected through means of mist elimination rather than the use of a wet scrubber. Many of these compounds can actually be collected more efficiently by means of inertial impaction or mechanical impingement than by the continuous recirculation of scrubber water. This also results in savings in energy costs as well as costs of discharge of effluent to waste treatment. Mist eliminators, therefore, are the correct type of air pollution control devices for these applications. Vanaire designs mist eliminator technology for most any application producing acid mist, alkaline mist, oil mist or, in some cases, mists from organics. Mist eliminator designs are available from the simple eliminator that may be 99% efficient on particles 25 microns in diameter, to the more complex and most highly efficient eliminator that is 99.99% efficient on 2 micron particle sizes and 99% DOWN TO AN INCREDIBLE ONE MICRON.

The Chromax I is the most advanced chromium AND/OR ACID MIST eliminator available in the industry today utilizing the latest Composite Mesh Pad technology to meet the strictest standards, including "the California Standard", the New Source Mact Standard and the tough individual state AQMD Standard. The Chromax I is a multi-stage unit with each individual stage consisting of properly selected and sequenced mesh pads engineered to remove specific particle size chromium mist and agglomerate particles down. This system then drains the chromium for recovery back to the plating tank. The mesh pads are sealed inside the vessel to prevent by-pass. The chromax is also designed to run dry with an automatic spray wash-down system that keeps the mesh pads clean while returning the chromium rinse back to the plating tank to make up for tank evaporative losses. This maintains a constant tank level as evaporation is balanced with spray wash down volume. No effluent goes to Waste Treatment. THE CHROMAX PROVIDES A TRUE CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM. The Chromax proprietary design is also extremely effective controlling other acid mists such as Sulfuric acid, battery charging, nickel compounds, all metal bearing plating chemistries, alkiline mists, and any chemistries and processes that evolve in mist form.

The Chromax also features the Drawer/Track Cartridge and Mesh Pad Removal System to ensure the easiest maintenance access.



Available in sizes up to 60,000 CFM


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Mist Eliminators
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