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Duct Systems

Vanaire designs and manufacture corrosion resistant duct systems and Factory Mutual duct systems in accordance with the specifications set forth by the SMACNA Manual on Thermoplastic Construction.

Vanaire's "Aire-Safe" ducting is specifically fabricated to meet Factory Mutual's requirements for FMRC approved duct. This duct is designed to exhaust non-combustible corrosive fumes without the need for automatic sprinkler protection where permitted by applicable FME&R Loss Prevention Data Sheets.

PVC ductwork systems are fabricated from 3/16" Type II extruded PVC (con forming to ASTM-D-1784-69) in diameters 6-inches through 24-inches. For diameters greater than 24-inches, Type II PVC sheet stock of 3/16" and 1/4" thickness are used (conforming to ASTM-D-1927-67).

All elbows and fittings less than 20-inches diameter are butt-welded to assure leak-proof connections. All straight duct sections greater than 24-inches are longitudinally butt-welded to guarantee the weld at 100% of the material strength. All welding is done by Vanaire welders, trained and certified by Vanaire in the method of hot gas fusion PVC welding. All factory joints are welded with no less than four PVC welds on each joint (three out and one in), to minimize the possibility of leaks. All risen duct work is to have blast-gate or locking quadrant dampers.

All PVC and Fiberglass duct thickness and reinforcement designs are based on SMACNA requirements for the static pressure of the system. Duct connections are made via the coupling or bell end. Flange connections are available as options if requested.

All Vanaire systems are designed in accordance with the manuals of recommended practice, set forth by the American Conference of Governmental Indus trial Hygienists (ACGIH), and the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

Solid Fiberglass Round Duct is manufactured from chemical resistant reinforced-thermoset resin in accordance with product standard PS-15-69. The size of round duct is determined by the inside diameter.

Solid Fiberglass Ductwork is also available in filament wound construction utilizing our state of the art filament winding machines.

Elbows: Standard elbows shall have a centerline radius of one and one-half times the duct diameter.

Laterals: Standard laterals shall be 45 degrees.

Reducers, Concentric or Eccentric: Length of standard reducers shall be five times the difference in diameter (DI D2). Minimum wall thickness shall be that required for the larger diameter duct.

Straight Connections: Vanaire's Standard joint is the butt and wrap. Strength of the butt joint shall be at least equal to that of the duct itself. Total minimum width of joint shall be 3 inches for 1/8 inch thickness, 4 inches for 3/16 inch thickness 4 inches for 3/16 inch thickness, and 6 inches for 1/4 inch thickness.

Flanges: Flange diameter and thickness are as specified in PS15-69 Rectangular flanges will be the same width and thickness as that for diameters corresponding to the longer sides. Unless specified otherwise, flanges will be un-drilled. If drilling is specified, the number of bolt holes and diameters of bolt holes and bolt circles shall be in accordance with table.

 Aire-Safe Duct Specifications/Duct Sizes   

1. 12 - 60 in. round or rectangular duct fabricated by Vanaire is made from identical compounds as tested using the same methods as those used in preparing test samples for FMRC tests.
2. Dimension limitations (12 in. min., 60 in. max) apply to both round or rectangular shapes. Mini mum duct wall thickness is 3/16 in. up to and including 36 in. and 1/4 in. in sizes over 36 in.
3. FM duct sizes do not require automatic sprinkler protection.
4. Duct sizes above 60 in. require automatic sprinkler protection to meet FMRC requirements.
5. If the process gases being handled by the Aire-Safe duct sys tem contain combustible vapors or flammable residues that can build up inside the duct, then sprinkler protection in the duct will be re quired as recommended in FME&R Loss Prevention Data Sheet 7-78.
6. Vertical sections of the duct will not exceed 16 ft. or penetrate other fire areas, otherwise internal sprin klers are required.


Duct Systems Standard FM
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Vanaire Brochure
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