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Fume Scrubbers - primary

Fume Scrubbers

Custom built Fume Scrubbers by Vanaire PVC, Solid Fiberglass, Filament Wound, CPVC, Polypropylene

Vanaire designs and manufactures high efficiency, low maintenance scrubbers to remove water soluble contaminants by means of gas absorption or mechanical impingement. These units can be built in either horizontal (crossflow), or vertical (countercurrent) designs, depending on space limitations or layout preference. Vanaire scrubbers can be custom designed with specific parameters such as crossection, packing type and depth, recirculation rate, spray pattern reinforcing based on your exact conditions and the scrubber efficiency required. Vanaire scrubbers are constructed according to the highest quality standards in the ...

Mist Eliminators

High Efficiency Mist Eliminators Vanaire Mist Eliminator Technology

Many chemistries evolve in mist form, with airborne particle sizes that are large enough to be effectively collected through means of mist elimination rather than the use of a wet scrubber. Many of these compounds can actually be collected more efficiently by means of inertial impaction or mechanical impingement than by the continuous recirculation of scrubber water. This also results in savings in energy costs as well as costs of discharge of effluent to waste treatment. Mist eliminators, therefore, are the correct type of air pollution control devices for these applications. Vanaire designs mist eliminator technology for most any application ...

Control Panels

Vanaire designs, provides, and installs control panels for our state of the art scrubbing systems. Our Total System Quality approach demands the finest in all control components to provide for complete automation of all system functions.

Vanaire control and monitoring panels:
  • Differential Pressure
  • NEMA 4x enclosures
  • pH control and monitoring
  • Conductivity control and monitoring
  • ORP control
  • Level control
  • Timers and relays
  • Pump flow monitoring
  • All fittings, tubing, wiring, terminals, and required components
  • Hoods

    Exhaust Hoods / Exhaust Fans

    Exhaust Hoods
    PVC, CPVC, Solid Fiberglass, Polypropylene, KYNAR

    Vanaire designs and manufactures all types of fume hoods. Standard configurations are shown, but special configurations can be designed to meet individual requirements. Hoods are built of PVC, Polypropylene, or FRP materials. A combination of thermoplastic (PVC) liner with a strong FRP exterior OVERLAY is also AN EXCELLENT DESIGN, providing the corrosion resistance of the PVC and the structural integrity of fiberglass.

    HOOD SLOTS are sized to develop MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY in capture velocity and air flow. Internal splitting veins are incorporated as required to distribute and equalize flow through the hood. ALL VANAIRE EXHAUST HOODS ARE DESIGNED ...

    Centrifugal Exhaust Fans

    PVC and Solid Fiberglass Centrifugal Exhaust Fans up to 70,000 CFM

    Vanaire VC centrifugal fans provide high performance under the most severe duty conditions. Built for rugged service, each Vanaire fan features corrosion resistant wheels, OSHA approved belts and shaft guards, TEFC motors, belts and drives, flanged drain outlets and clean-out doors. Vanaire PVC and Solid-Fiber glass Centrifugal Exhaust Fans are AMCA Certified in sizes up to 70,000 CFM.

    Fan Housings: Vanaire VC fan housings are fabricated from solid fiberglass, Type II high impact PVC, or a dual laminate PVC/FRP overlay. OSHA approved shaft guard and belt guard, access door, scroll drain, collared inlet, flanged outlet, close tolerance inlet ...
    Duct System

    Duct Systems

    Vanaire designs and manufacture corrosion resistant duct systems and Factory Mutual duct systems in accordance with the specifications set forth by the SMACNA Manual on Thermoplastic Construction.

    Vanaire's "Aire-Safe" ducting is specifically fabricated to meet Factory Mutual's requirements for FMRC approved duct. This duct is designed to exhaust non-combustible corrosive fumes without the need for automatic sprinkler protection where permitted by applicable FME&R Loss Prevention Data Sheets.

    PVC ductwork systems are fabricated from 3/16" Type II extruded PVC (con forming to ASTM-D-1784-69) in diameters 6-inches through 24-inches. For diameters greater than 24-inches, Type II PVC sheet stock of 3/16" and 1/4" thickness ...

    Atmospheric Evaporators

    High-efficiency atmospheric evaporation to 200°F in a minimum floor space
    (Optional materials for 230°F evaporation available)

    Materials of Construction:
  • Shell-Chlorendic Polyester
  • Packing-Polypropylene
  • Internal Components-Chlorendic Polyester
  • Mist Eliminator-Polypropylene
  • Optional: Chlorendic Polyester Blower

    Relative humidity, solution temperature, atmospheric pressure, and cfm of the exhaust air affect evaporation rates.
    All units are supplied with a mesh pad mist eliminator.
  • Odor-Control

    Odor Control

    Vanaire odor control systems consist of packed bed or packed tower scrubbers, which treat odors from hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, acetic acid, ketones, amines, chlorine and other chemicals. Scrubbers utilize high-mass transfer and liquid recycle rates to guarantee adequate chemical is available to absorb odors.

    Vanaire can provide packed bed, packed tower, single stage or multi stage systems for maximum efficiency which are tailored to individual process requirements.

    Odor control systems include scrubbers which are complete with high-efficiency extended packed beds, integral mist-eliminator, liquid recycle system including pump(s), integral or remote sump, spray piping with non-clogging spray nozzles, packing and sump ...

    Air Strippers

    Air Stripping Columns

    Air stripping columns are an economical solution for ground water remediation. They are low maintenance, high performance and simple in design.

    Vanaire stripping columns are cylindrical packed towers with integral sump and flat bottom. Units are specifically designed to treat contaminated ground water. Air enters at the bottom of the column, flows upward thru the packing, and is discharged from the top. Water is introduced at the top of the column and gravity flows towards the bottom. Towers are fabricated in flanged sections to facilitate shipping, erection & maintenance. Towers are provided with liquid distributors within the vessel to ensure proper saturation of the packing ...

    Fiberglass Tanks

    Vanaire Filament Wound or Hand Lay-Up tanks offer the ultimate in corrosion protection. Our Filament Winding technique, based on the utilization of continuous strands of glass produce a fully laminated shell with no seams. The application of the glass is controlled to give the ideal helical angle and also the right proportion of glass to resin. Filament Wound tanks are fabricated according to ASTM D3299-74.

    Vanaire Hand Lay-Up tanks are produced per standard PS 15-69 and ASTM D4097 following the highest practices of quality in materials and workmanship. These tanks are reinforced by the Spray-Up method with interlaying layers of woven roving glass. The homogeneous quality of the laminate is achieved by careful removal of all air ...
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